duster132-mecha-350I saw it yesterday, a big ol’ metal silo that inches along the ground. It was filled with raccoons and smelled like cheese puffs. So, instead of calling the authorities, I sat down, had a cookie and looked at these links.

Mecha Illustrations – Duster132 does mecha up so right. Excellent and inspiring illustrations to get work off the mind.
Nostradomical.com – Will dirt turn to mud after the next rainstorm? – 100% likelihood. Predicting world events and stuff.
Perpetual Photo Calendar – Cause photos and typography rock. Throw that lame calendar with the cats on it away and set this up stat.
Best of CES – The Consumer Electronics Show is over. 3D TV’s, GPS, Wii’s and Pre’s. Here’s the best from Cnet.
Innovative Paper Planners – The absolutely best way to get organized… after you get organized. The calendar is key. and also coffee.
MyCleenr.com – Clean inactive users out of your Twitter account. begone!
Star Wars (Retold…) – by someone who hasn’t seen it. HILARIOUS. Best thing since Episode 6 all those years ago. Thanks so much Al.


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