Read our interview with Shapr3D’s  István Csanády here.

Ever wonder why 3D modeling wasn’t more like sketching? Or sculpting? Why we’re limited to mouse clicks? I’ve had that conversation with multiple people. Some thin modeling with a stylus (a pencil) doesn’t seem intuitive. I’d say the mouse is the device that doesn’t seem intuitive — especially if you’re a left-handed person using a right-handed mouse, but I digress.

If Shapr3D has anything to do about it, they’ll upend the UI/UX aspects of 3D modeling. They’re developing a 3D CAD app for the iPad Pro, and I think it’s something we’ve all been anticipating since the first generation of iPads. It’s in the early stages and we’ll have some more details from Founder/Developer, Istvan Csanady, but right now, you all need to see this. Thoughts?

YouTube video

  • The app is for iPad Pro+Apple Pencil only
  • It is a solid modeling app
  • It can export STEP, IGES, STL and import STEP, IGES
  • The basic pencil interaction can cover up to 75% of your modeling, without using any tools
  • But we have a lot of tools as well, sweeping, lofting, booleans, offsetting etc.
  • It is super precise, we have a really smart snapping engine
  • In the video, we did not use any tools, only the basic pencil interaction

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