Luxology announced earlier this week their new modo 701, and as expected there are a host of improvements including expanded animation features like audio playback and sound support. For those of you looking to upgrade, here’s a quick preview of what’s to come.

Modo 701

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“We’ve made such big improvements to the existing architecture of the software in MODO 701 that 601 users will notice a huge leap forward…We’ve also added some really cool functionality like the new particle system. This release will truly deliver on the philosophy that perfection comes through refinement. As always, we have pushed the limits and can’t wait to find out what you all think.”

-Brad Peebler, co-founder of Luxology

Modo 701 is the first modo release since Luxology teamed up with the Foundry in mid-2012. The partnership was formed under the strategy of creating more enhanced sculpting, modeling, animation, and animation workflows for animators, designers, and artists. Included in the new release are a host of new features including:

  • Procedural particle engine with an easy to use preset workflow
  • Audio playback and sound channel modifier
  • Schematic improvements, reducing scene graph complexity
  • Dedicated dynamics simulation layer, significantly improving performance
  • Simplified complexity of materials and layered shaders
  • Large scene performance improvements by as much as 175x
  • Preview render synchronization improvements, over 50x faster in large scenes
  • New Python interpreter making python execution many times faster
  • Unlimited network rendering
  • Soon to be released LINUX operating system support

New users to modo can buy the current version of modo 601 at the current price ($1,195.00) and then get a free 701 upgrade at launch. Existing users will follow the same upgrade process as previous versions ($495).

For those looking for a more in-depth look at modo 701, Luxology is hosting a ‘modo 701 Feature Tour’ webcast on Tuesday, March 25th at 10AM (PST). Sign up here to reserve your place.

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