So, you’re going to lunch with your boss again. You get out to your car when you say, “I wish there were a small chipmunk creature that stores my keys in its chest cavity and greets me with a friendly chirp and a key for any lock I arrive upon.” Your boss says, “You’re FIRED,” and you both go to enjoy some mediocre bar-b-que… where you see a band of locksmiths WITH CHIPMUNKS ON THEIR SHOULDERS.

Outside a magical key holding chipmunk, something to hold your keys, that looks lovely next to your tactical pen, knife, coin wallet and Glock, would be quite the helpful device. Aaron Warbinek, aka Protean Man, offers up a slick design that does all of that.

His ‘Proteus Key Holder’ is a simple two-piece 3D print to trap your keys Swiss Army knife style and keep it all stylish. He explains:

This works like a swiss army knife with your keys folding into the holder. There are two ends where your keys can be attached to. The center bolt keeps the keys from crossing onto each other. You can fit as many keys as you want on this, just have to get a long enough bolt.

Yes, 10 keys or 100, this can hold them. He has four different version – 3mm bolts, 2mm bolts, large key ring, small key ring. You can get the bolt length by measuring your key thickness and adding 6mm (for the keyholder insets). He suggests using PETG, HTPLA, or ABS with a 75% (and up) infill.

You can download the model at Thingiverse. Bonus! Aaron also has a whiteboard pen holder that holds up to five pens. Snag it here!)

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