Ask anyone with a wood shop or a giant bowl of grapes and they’ll tell you, you just can’t have too many clamps. It’s not possible. You could have ten clamps–not enough. A thousand clamps–nope. A million clamps–WEAK, you need more.

Jacob Stanton, aka jakejake, the gentleman who gave us the Squishy Turtle model, has been busy CRUSHING IT. Crushing it with a 3D printed clamp design that can hold, squish, and squeeze your parts together or look dangerously painful hanging from your earlobe.

Jacob’s hand-screw clamp is a proof-of-concept in an exploration to make the most superior 3D printed clamp IN THE UNIVERSE… or at least one that’s both strong and made of 100% 3D printed parts. He modeled his design in SolidWorks and printed the 16 pieces using MatterHackers PRO PLA on his Ultimaker 2 3D printer.

Wondering how to assemble it? Mr. Jacob has a video that shows you how:

YouTube video

The sliding hinge pieces attach the lower jaw while capturing the two knobs that adjust the two threaded shafts. The top jaw is pinned to the threaded pieces and the two pads are then pinned to the jaws. Boom. 100% 3D printed.

Cool little design, huh? And one that will add some color to your shop, granted you have all the wonderful filament colors jakejake does. You may be wondering, Does it CRUSH STUFF? You bet it does.

You can download the model files on Thingiverse and get a look at the assembly video for the build. (Bonus! Check out Jacob’s website for other cool projects and experiments!)

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