It may be a few weeks since you’ve had that dream of attaching articulating arms of grapplers, lights and small laser cannons to your upper torso, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start today. “The hardest part is starting your transformation into a cyborg. Scalpel!” is what my old business partner use to say. That’s why this week’s model caught my attention.

Igor Albuquerque (whose initials are A.I. backwards. Hmmm.) has a wonderful new 3D printed articulating LED lamp project capable of use in a variety of ways and a variety of different places–attached to your desk to light your workspace, attached to your bed to light your bedtime reading, attached to your head to light your path toward world domination–so many uses.

The 3d model was designed using Fusion 360, based on Kenneth’s Articulating, Wall-Mounted, Magnetic Phone Mount design. For this lamp, I redesigned most of the parts using Fusion 360 and made some adaptations and simplifications to reduce the number of different components need to assemble the whole structure.

Igor used a Voolt3D printer to print the ten parts in PLA with a 0.2mm resolution and 10% infill. He wired up an LED spotlight with a separate switch, wire, and connector, but I came across a nice hanging lantern cord cable that provides the length and has a standard E26/E27 socket. Depending on the socket, light and shade you choose, you may have to adjust the diameter of the lamp holder piece slightly.

You can download the files on MyMiniFactory, and view the Instructable here. (Bonus! Check out Igor’s other projects including a great 3D printed tool hanger and a few Arduino projects!)

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