Oh , look at you! You are just A DARLING. Your glistening, acidic alien skin… Ohh! You’re yawning. CUTE. A yet you just burst from the belly of my dog. Gonna have to clean the carpet… a few times. Bad baby alien. Kidding! Don’t tongue mouth my face!

We may not have actual baby xenomorphs, but MyMiniFactory user crazyman2099, an “Engineer and designer that loves 3D printing and yo mama”, has given us the next best, less deadly, thing – an alien head shower head. YES.

This is a remix of a great alien head model to make it into something all Alien fans need in their bathrooms. I hollowed out the model, clean up the interior face for minimal overhang issues, and remade bottom section because it’s neck is removed. The threads are remixed from the most popular shower head posted.

It is a remix of Ideaform’s Alien head and Mr’ MegaTronic’s showerhead. He used ABS on a Solidoodle 3 3D printer with a 100% infill for the single part print and smoothed it out with a bit of Acetone. He recommends going slow for the threads, using tighter layers as well as a sanded Z plate.

You can download the .3mf model on MyMiniFactory or .stl on Thingiverse. (Bonus! Check out his Alien Facehugger pen/pencil holder here! YES!)

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