I know what you’re thinking. Those fist-size storage capsules would be painful to swallow. But don’t worry, while they’re too big to dose yourself with a month’s worth of Omega-3 and too small to put on a squirrel mask and crawl inside of, these storage capsule containers are PERFECT for storing all sorts of random bits and bobs.

Creator of the capsule containers, Murray Clark, says they can be used for all sorts of things, “including medications, cables, parts, small toys, nuts and bolts, jewellery… and lots more. There is an endless array of things that could be stored in a Capsule… so reusable as well and will make a great unique and fun gift as well. Plus… very handy to use when travelling to keep small items together and safe.”

So many options! This would be great for camping supplies, first aid kits, time capsules, ammo stashes, or seeding distant planets. So far, Murray has three sizes–10 mm ID, 32mm ID and 50mm ID. There’s also the child-size, because it’s the size of a child. (name the show!)

He used a Makerbot Replicator+ for the 3D print, using PLA with a .20 mm layer thickness and 20%+ infill. The male side uses tabs to fit snugly into the female side, snapping into place, and staying secure until separated with a slight twist and pull. While no supports are needed during the printing, Murray does recommend using a raft to keep the print secure. He also recommends a dab of light silicone lubricant as the PLA can be a bit grippy.


You’re wondering how big of a capsule you can print, aren’t you? Now, I’ll just need a wall shelf to store all my storage containers. You can download the file on Thingiverse. (Bonus! Check out Murray’s other practical creations, like his inverted toothbrush stand!)

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