It’s a week past the Holloweens, but there’s never a wrong time to make a cool helmet. Aside from protecting you from your dog licking your face to wake you up, random ear-punches by co-workers and people being intimidated by your smashing good looks, helmets are just loads of fun to make.

You may remember how to make a helmet from EVA foam. A fun process, but have you ever tried 3D printing a helmet? Peter Snyder, aka Killonius, has somewhat mastered the art of prop and costume helmets. He learned most of what he does from watching YouTube videos and good, old fashion experience, using Fusion 360 to model up the designs.

To date, he has nearly 50 helmets from movies/video games such as Star Wars, Iron Man, Mass Effect and more. One from earlier this year is the Mass Effect N7 Breather Helmet. It’s 23 pieces total, numbered for easy assembly (Part one is the Front Top Left. Then move left to right – Top to Bottom – Front to Back).

Though there isn’t much information on print settings, Pinshape user jflemming printed the helmet at 90% size with plenty of room for his head-size of 22.5″ – so be aware of scale here. Flemming used PLA with .022 mm layer height and 10% infill for a print time of 30 hours on a BQ Witbox 3D Printer.

You can download the Mass Effect N7 Helmet on MyMiniFacatory or Pinshape.  (BONUS! Check out Peter’s other 3D printed helmet designs here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

3d printed mass effect n7 breather helmet

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