If there’s one threat I’ve always given when being kicked repeatedly in the lung sacks, it’s “If you kick me one more time! I will open my steampunk spectacle! After which you will incur the wrath of 5000 hungry steampunk ladybugs! That willst shoot from my steampunk face orb! Engulf your body! And commence dismantling your putrescent flesh!” Or something along those lines.

Steampunk ladybugs are way scary. How do I know? Well, GrabCAD user Dape (like ‘Dope’ with an ‘a’) gives us a perfect visual of a steampunk ladybug (or LADYBIRDS for those who, I’m told, speak ‘proper’ English–sorry, this thing looks way more like a BUG than a BIRD). Though but a wee creature, a ladybug with metal gears, twice the talons and some hardcore circuitry looks like it could mess you up six ways from Sunday. Now just imagine a SWARM OF THEM *shiver-twitch*. Yeah, try not having nightmares about that.

In the meantime, you can download the steampunk ladybug on PARTcloud or GrabCAD. (Bonus: Also check out his Steampunk mosquito! What!! Way scarier!!)

Update: Thanks to Dalibor Pejicic writing in about this! He and Josip Jakubiv are the people behind these steampunk insects. Well done gents!

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Steam punk lady bug_v2

Steam punk lady bug_v3

Steam punk lady bug_v4

Steam punk lady bug_v5

Steam punk lady bug_v7

Steam punk lady bug_v8


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