We all know you can’t first become a Jedi Master until you get all whiny about droid maintenance and zapped in the ass a few thousand times by a remote training droid. And yeah, we all know good ol’ uncle Ben gets his chuckles from seeing young Padawans zapped repeatedly by a floating, laser-shooting orb — YOU’LL GET WHAT’S COMING TO YOU UNCLE BEN… NOOOO!! RESIST THE DARK SIDE!!

Raymond Gaustadnes wants to relive his Jedi training days and has provided the foundation to do so with a life-size model of a remote training droid–the Marksman-H training remote, manufactured by Industrial Automaton. It’s approximately 15cm (5.9 inches) in diameter and has all the little details to make it look extra real. He modeled it in Fusion 360 and has provided a STEP version for download, laid out and almost ready to 3D print. Now all that is left to do is actually print it, hollow it out, add some blaster bolt components and whatever anti-gravity drive you can get your hands on. *Chewbacca roar!* Hours of fun!!

You can download the model on GrabCAD. (Note: to download a STEP format, load the model in the 3D Viewer and hit Download! Or download direct here.)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!



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