“I’m sorry, I have no hands to hold your Echo.”

Alexa, you’re five kinds of useless. “Ordering a 5 foot USB cable via Prime.” Gahhhhh! There are all sorts of Amazon Echo holders and stands and such, but you know what doesn’t exist? A skull-shaped Echo holder. Well, it didn’t exist… UNTIL NOW.

Douwe Miedema felt the emptiness in his life we all feel when you don’t have a 3D printed skull carved out to hold your favorite piece of AI tech. He remedied the situation quickly though with a Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D printer and a high poly skull model. Now, everyone can set their Echo in a skull.

Douwe doesn’t provide much detail on his print as far as supports or infill are concerned, so completely up to you. He did use acetone to smooth out the rough bits, but comes off a bit too shiny for my taste. My suggestion would be to sand and paint to give it a more authentic high-poly-skull-bone-found-under-a-rock-whilst-searching-for-insects kind of look.

One commenter on Thingiverse had a great suggestion about the Echo’s sound:

[The] sound comes out the bottom of the dot so, if you can, direct it to come from the bottom and use the eyes as the speakers.”

Pure genius.

You can download the model from MyMiniFactory or Thingiverse. Douwe is an engineer from The Netherlands. HE has some cool designs, but my favorite is his GLaDOS voice recog project on Instructables, a mod for this super awesome 3D printed GLaDOS project.

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