I’m not sure if you’ve experienced the joys of working as a fry cook in a back alley noodle house, but if you have, you’ll greatly appreciate the artistry it takes to design those chicken tender lovin’ mesh buckets.

There’s a lot that goes into shaping that sheet metal and jabbing electronics in like a ketchup man on a french fry binge, but modeling it in SolidWorks is only half the task… actually, it’s about 95% of the task, because rendering programs like Hypershot (now Keyshot) take away all the hard work out of making your models look greasy good. Gander.

Oh but wait, there’s more than just fryers in this mix of models and renderings put together by r_zen at his Flicker account. He does salad bars, stoves and fryers for Univerzal Er Er.

Wow. Phew! Did you handle that ok? Because I seriously need a rest and a gallon of fry oil to quench my thirst. The only thing missing is a dead rat, but I hear rats are hard to model in SolidWorks.


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