Since screaming on to the rapid prototyping scene in 2013, 3D Hubs has been relentless in making sure their message is heard. Billed as the “AirBnB of 3D Printing”, the company’s business model is based on experienced 3D printer technicians renting out their equipment to other users on a per-project-basis.

Not surprisingly, the 3D Hubs crew has learned a thing or two about what makes for “good design for 3D printing” — and now, they want to share it with all of us.

The 3D Printing Handbook | Technologies, Design, and Applications is written for design and engineering professionals looking to master the key aspects of 3D printing—from connecting parts to internal radius’—and everything in between.

The 3D Printing Handbook by 3D Hubs — $26.00 (Hardcover)


  • Insights into the mechanism behind all major 3D printing technologies
  • An understanding of the benefits and limitations of each technology
  • Decision-making tools for technology selection
  • Actionable design advice and guidelines
    Industry case studies from world-leading brands


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