barlow-350As if those potatoes will peel themselves. Ok, so apparently they do, but it’s got to be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen, besides that disco family of Sumatran rabbits and these links.

Wayne Barlow – Yes, speaking of creepy. Wayne wins for his creature art. A fleshy sac on the back of a 3-legged beast? of course!
Bulk Breakfast Burritos – There’s nothing quite as tasty, or cheap, as a bunch of breakfast food stuffed in a tortilla.
9 Tips for working under stress – I know you probably don’t get stressed out, but your buddy does and he needs some help.
Crisis of Credit – You know that economic thing going on right now? Here’s the very well done visual story that explains it.
Transparent Fish Head – Your Ichthyology lesson for the day. Fist pictures of this odd fish to be release.
Best Russian Wallpapers – If there’s anything that living in a former communist country inspires, it’s creating interesting wallpapers.
Best Table Tennis Move – For you to use during that big tournament you have this weekend or to entertain the children.


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