plenum-tangentsI was showing some people on Twitter how RealView helped to cure confusion and ignorance with manufacturing. It just so happens that Twitter, also helps to cure confusion and ignorance. My ignorance.

I complained about tangent edges showing in shaded mode. I really needed to have them off, but thought, Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

Fortunately @Tyler524 was there to slap me up side the head and help me out. And as a result I’m quitting SolidSmack and starting a bee farm. I kid, but it’s humbling and slightly reassuring that I don’t know absolutely everything yet.

Take a look… which one of these models is not like the other?


Here. maybe this one is a bit more obvious.


Tangent lines anyone? Not so delicious when you need some good refrigerator marketing material of your models.

I’ve always had these on in the past – didn’t know there was a way to turn then off. Yep. preeeetty lame. So, I want to prevent you from falling into the same lameness. Do you know how to turn these beautiful tangent line off and on?

View, DisplayTangent Edges Visible or Tangent Edges Removed


Amazingly simple. Am I the only one that didn’t know about this? Hardly reason to quit everything and become an apiarist, but perhaps I should look into it.


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