Modeling with both Sub-D and NURBS is all the rage with the kids these days (at least we’d like to think so) and Power Surfacing is one add-on that allows you to use such a novelly modern modelling methodology inside SolidWorks. Since its debut in January and our hands-on in with Paul McCrorey there have been a few glimpses at how to use that new found surfacing power. Now, Mark Biasotti, Senior Product Manager with Dassault Systems SolidWorks, takes it for a spin showing you how to model that famous X-box game controller you’ve seen in the SolidWorks marketing material, turning what took 125 feature to create the basic shape in SolidWorks into one feature with Power Surfacing.

Grab some popcorn…

In 30 minutes, Mark takes you through the steps to create the body of the game controller, starting in SolidWorks with a basic sketch, turning it into a sub-D surface with a click, then proceeding to step through the tools and features to build a freeform shape inside SolidWorks. He hits on some of the most useful features in the Power Surfacing plugin, along with some of the advanced features that, if you’ve ever done surfacing in SolidWorks, will have your jaw flapping in the wind. We can’t embed it for your viewing pleasurals, but we can embed a pretty image you can click on that will take you to the Power Surfacing for SolidWorks demo.



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