Max and Pete are high-fiving a million angels right about now (in between all the responses and project updates they’re sending out) for what’s turning into one of the most breakaway successes in Kickstarter history. In only a few hours, the project hit the $30,000 goal and over the past day, they’ve passed $1.3 Million. What’s all the excitement about? Not another 3D printer (Thank goodness). The buzz is all about a small company named WobbleWorks and their first product, 3Doodler, a plastic extruding pen that allows you to draw in three dimensional space.


With the 3Doodler Kickstarter campaign, WobbleWorks just pinned a big, fat tack in 3D printing history. Now that they have funding and thousands of customers (14,788 at the time of this writing) who anticipate the day they’ll receive a handheld 3D Printing device, they’re also set to change the pace of manufacturing in the 3D printing space.

This is the world’s first and only 3D printing pen. There’s no special material required either. It uses the same ABS filament used by other 3D printers and best of all, it doesn’t require any software or g-code to use. Just plug it in and draw.

As 3Doodler draws, it extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. This allows you to build an infinite variety of shapes and items with ease! Most people will instantly be able to trace objects on paper, and after only a few hours of practice you will be able to make far more intricate objects.

I don’t care if this is a glorified glue gun. It beats melting hair and plastic army men into a replica of the Eiffel Tower… well, maybe not… but Max and Pete have come up with cool idea that’s sure to capture the interest of a wider audience and the engineer/designer crowd alike. I know I slammed down the $75 as soon as I saw the cube being created at 0:20 in the video below.

Oh, and with a product that reaches deep into the area of mainstream adoption, I’m almost positive companies like 3D Systems have trucks of fruit baskets and filament being shipped up to WobbleWorks HQ in Boston, Mass. Stayed tuned. We’ve reached out to Max and Pete for an interview on EngineerVsDesigner and there’s still time to back the project.

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