Yesterday, 3D systems quietly unveiled a new member to their small family of modeling apps including Cubify Invent and Cubify Sculpt with their latest, Cubify Design. While Cubify Invent is their most intuitive tool that is aimed at teaching the basics of 3D modeling and Cubify Sculpt offers organic modeling and digital sculpting, Cubify Design is focused more on advanced modeling projects that require assembly and real-world functionality support, 2D drawings, and ultimately, more precise modeling. Typically, programs like this cost upwards of $1K or more…so what all do you get for less than $200?

Including an impressive toolset and UI that looks shockingly similar to SolidWorks, at $199 it offers a surprisingly powerful punch in the parametric gut. Sure it might not have the plug-ins, community, simulations, and other support that other CAD packages might offer, but for Makers who aren’t creating a mass-manufactured object but want more than an iPad app to create something on their MakerBot, this is a very attractive price point.

Under the hood, Cubify Design is a re-wrap of Geomagic Design Elements (formerly Alibre Design Elements), which falls in line with 3DSystem’s re-wrap of Geomagic Freeform (formerly Sensable) into Cubify Sculpt.


  • Create precise parts with sophisticated 3D modeling tools
  • Make assemblies of multiple parts including moving, interlocking and articulated designs
  • Check functionality with interference and real weight checks
  • Generate basic 2D drawings of your designs
  • Export: AD_Part, PDF, DXF, DWG, STL


YouTube video

Design Workflow

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Assemblies Overview

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You can buy the software today for $199 or give it a test run with a 14-day free trial over at Cubify Design.

(Images via 3D Systems)


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