If you really, I mean truly, desire the best Rhino training and tutorials, you’ve got no better choice than cadjunkie. (And I actually thought that before SolidSmack teamed up with them.) The new Tip o’ the Horn series by Scott Schneider (who we interview on EngineerVsDesigner) is live and half-way through the series bringing you fresh level 1 techniques on the Rhino 5 3d modeling software. Techniques you may not have known about before.

Rhino modeling mastery

Scott is a digital modeling master, using Rhino in his toolset to create some of the visual effects you see in the movies. This series brings Rhino modeling tips with techniques to speed up your modeling and, really, take your product design ability to the next level. Now, the title of these videos may sound intimidating, but once you view the videos, you’ll learn so much and become familiar with the workflow Scott uses.

Episode 1 takes you through the available Display Modes in Rhino, setting your model up for quick, on-the-fly analysis and tips for using points while in Render mode to make easy adjustments to your surface. That’s not all though, Episodes 2 and 3 go deeper, giving you insight into working with your surfaces.

Check out the whole Tip o’ the horn series here or subscribe to the Cadjunkie feed to find out when new episode will be out. Like it? Let us know if the comments or what else you would like to see!


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