Sculpteo, the 3D print service we featured last week, will announce tomorrow (October 19th) that their print service will be available to U.S. makers, fabbers or any other person that enjoys the feel of layered plastic.

3D Print services i.Materialise and Shapeways have been in the U.S. for some time. Now Sculpteo, based in France, joins the mix and adds another community to share your 3D printed creations.

Paris, France – (October 19, 2010) – European-based Sculpteo is now offering its popular online 3D printing services to United States’ customers. With the ability to transform digital files into real-life, physical objects, allows digital dreamers to turn 3D files into 3-dimensional creations, as well as create easily 3D objects based on 2D drawings or simple text. Sculpteo customers can order a number of different objects designed by themselves or others, including static or articulated figures, miniatures, prototypes, robots, models and more. The final product is shipped to customers in just two weeks.

Not only that, Sculpteo also provides a “Pro” service for those who work with 3D prints on a regular basis. While they currently do not have materials for production ready parts, their plan is to bring in more processes and materials in the near future. Here’s to more options.


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