As if the release of Onshape back in March of this year didn’t spin the CAD world into a frenzy, things are only about to get a little more crazy up in here.

Yesterday, Autodesk slipped a little message onto their Fusion 360 homepage to notify users (both new and existing) that they are rolling all of the features of their more robust Fusion 360 Ultimate package into their regular pricing structure for Fusion 360.

“With the latest release of Fusion 360, we are including all the features of Fusion 360 Ultimate in Fusion 360,” the company states on their updated Fusion 360 website. “Features previously available only in Ultimate are now available to all current users of Fusion 360.”

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Just to clear things up a little, Autodesk only announced Fusion 360 Ultimate late last year for the price of $150/month or $1200/year – which was significantly more expensive than the $40/month or $300/year cost of Fusion 360. Now, the San Francisco-based company is pushing all of those additional Fusion 360 Ultimate features into the latest update of Fusion 360, which will still continue to sell for $300 annually or $40 month-to-month.


While the additional features – which range from additional sketching and modeling tools to built-in CAM solutions – are a welcome surprise, perhaps what’s most interesting is what Autodesk plans on doing down the road – such as partnerships with companies to allow designers and engineers to get their designs made that much faster with or without their own machining equipment.

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Suffice to say – the next few years are going to get a lot more interesting for CAD users; Autodesk is also currently developing a holographic CAD solution for the upcoming Microsoft HoloLens.

Check out the new release for yourself by heading over to Autodesk’s Fusion 360 site.