When the Cintiq first came out, I vividly remember an illustrator friend of mine saying “It’s not a matter of if I’m going to buy one, it’s a matter of when I’m going to buy one.” Perhaps a lot of designers and illustrators have found themselves in the same boat and have waited for the price (and maybe even the form factor) to come down a bit without sacrificing quality. It’s hard to argue that the $999 Cintiq 13HD may just be the most accessible, versatile, and ergonomic Cintiq to date.

The Wacom Cintiq 13HD

The tablet itself is roughly half the size of the larger Cintiq 24HD and weighs in at a minuscule 2.65 lbs (3.5 lbs with detachable stand). At $999 retail, it’s half the price of the Cintiq 22HD ($1999) and $1600 less than the 24HD ($2499).

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The Cintiq line has been the subject of drool-worthy conversations for designers and artists for years. While some may prefer an Intuos tablet in favor of having a better screen to look at, there are definitely times where having a Cintiq would be the better choice. The new 13HD is an interactive pen display that allows you to create directly onto the 13.3″ HD display. Similar to the larger Cintiq models, the 13HD also includes the customizable ExpressKeys, the Rocker Ring, and the Home Button. At a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a 178 degree viewing angle, and a 16.7 million color render count, the LED display offers enough pixel-punch to keep most designers and artists happy.






From an industrial design perspective, the detachable stand adjusts to three separate working angles to keep your neck spasms at bay. Additionally, the display can be folded-in completely to offer a flat working surface similar to a piece of paper (perhaps my personal favorite feature). Wacom is also supplying their new Pro Pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition, and a new ergonomic design. A nice touch for this model is a compact carrying case that includes storage for your extra nibs and color rings to help you identify your pen amongst others in the office. I have been secretly griping about the transportation options for my tablet for a few years now and it’s nice to see them taking strides towards meeting the needs of a modern-day traveling designer. Setup is of course simple with a 3-in-1 cable.






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Wacom’s Cintiq Line Draws Attention with its Slim, New 13-inch Interactive Pen Display

The Cintiq 13HD offers creative professionals a compact interactive pen display with high quality HD resolution and improved pen feel for a digital experience consistent with Wacom’s family of Cintiqs

Vancouver, Wash. – Mar. 19, 2013 – Wacom® today announces the Cintiq® 13HD, a new addition to its lineup of Cintiq interactive pen displays aimed at creative professionals working in areas such as design, art and image editing. Wacom’s newest pen display combines a 13-inch HD screen, an adjustable stand and an improved Pro Pen for a digital workflow that feels just like drawing or painting with traditional media. Offering a natural experience, the Cintiq 13HD is easily integrated into any environment, making it an ideal tool to support creativity and enhance

Key to the Cintiq 13HD is its compact, slim design and easy setup with both Mac and PC.computers. For complete comfort, whether positioning it on your desk or in your lap, the Cintiq 13HD’s stand is optimized for use in a choice of four settings – flat, 22°, 35° and 50°.

HD Quality Screen
Perfect for professional artists, graphics designers and photographers, the Cintiq 13HD ‘s best-in-class screen displays 16.7 million colors to ensure crisp color quality. In addition, the wide-format HD LED display’s 178° viewing angle and 1920×1080 resolution are particularly beneficial to those working with intricate graphics or images.

The Full Cintiq Experience
As with all Wacom interactive pen displays, the Cintiq 13HD enables users to create directly on screen for a seamless process that feels natural and speeds production. Offering 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as tilt recognition, the new and improved cordless and battery-free Pro Pen delivers superior comfort, precision and control.

To further improve workflow and productivity, frequently used shortcut commands are available at the user’s fingertips through the Cintiq 13HD’s four customizable and application-specific ExpressKeys™ and Rocker Ring. Making use of these shortcuts can save valuable time by minimizing dependency on the keyboard.

With the proven Cintiq 22HD, Cintiq 24HD and Cintiq 24HD touch already in service, Wacom’s Cintiq 13HD is a valuable addition to its pen display portfolio, which increasingly supports a variety of workflow requirements and budgets.

Pricing and Availability
The new Cintiq 13HD is priced at $999.95 (USD) and is scheduled to be available in early April at Wacom’s eStore and other select retailers.


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