3D printers are great for making personalized object designs, but they typically don’t allow for customization while augmenting design parameters on the fly. This becomes a problem for those who want to design customized items such as personalized face masks, jewelry or irregular-sized parts for ‘not-quite-right’ projects.

Norwegian-based software company Uformia is looking to solve those issues for true customization through volume modeling with their Uformit application (AKA Symvol).

To put it simply, the modeling add-on allows users to manipulate their 3D designs with simplified parametric values without the need to delve into the model’s individual software parameters such as length, size, shapes and dimensions. Look at it like changing your avatar in Skyrim with customized facial features using input sliders and body types and you get the idea.

Joshua Harker - Self Portrait Mask

To give the public an idea of what Uformit can do, Uformia created a dedicated WebGL-based website where users can show off their creations and offer them up for sale. Customers can then purchase one of those creations and alter it (including different colors and shape parameters) to their liking. One of the cooler features the software incorporates is the ability to upload biometric data for the ‘ultimate in personalization’. For example, the Uformit site features a ‘Self-Portrait Mask’ that users can alter with an upload scan of their face for the perfect fit. Once the design is finished to the user’s satisfaction, they then turn them over to the i.materialize printing service for manufacture, however depending on the materials and the size required could end up costing a small fortune. But, as we all know, art doesn’t come cheap.

Check out a product tour over at Uformit.


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