You’ve probably heard about the TouchPico – a handheld projector that transforms any surface into an amazingly awesome interactive touchscreen. The 80″ screen surface that you get is a bold step in technology innovation and means a lot to the designing community as well.

Recapping the technology aspect – the interactive Android PC projects via wireless streaming and uses infrared detection technology to track the stylus. What this means is that you get to control and interact with an image at 40 frames per second. The infrared emitter is embedded in the stylus and is captured by the built-in infrared camera of the projector; an image processor converts the info into touchscreen coordinates.

With the specs to one side, lets see how the device can impact the design, engineering or manufacturing industries. Basically the areas that pique our interest; we spoke to a couple of designers and the most common voice that we heard was that collaborating and working on ideas together using the device was the most stimulating aspect. Using innovation up front gets the creative juices flowing. Showcasing designs and building up the presentation in front of clients is another area that excites them.

YouTube video


For manufacturers, we suppose the ability to seamlessly communicate with their team and be proactive with them, is an added bonus. The portability of the device is a definite advantage. Imagine using the TouchPico on the factory floor and resolving issues or working out new solutions right next to the machines, or on the product surface itself.


The possibilities are endless and given that we are the creative lot, we will push beyond the norms. So tell us how will you use this interactive portable touchscreen, we are curious to know?