Imagine if you could own a piece of furniture many would consider a piece of art? That’s how you would describe the Lagoon table by LA Table, a design company that goes the everyday design of traditional furniture. Thier new project is the brainchild of creator and designer of the company Alexandre Chapelin, who has been designing since the age of 14. He launched LA Table after having dinner at a friend’s house and noticing the table was a pile of rubbish. Now, the company aims to create furniture that’s both creative and atmospheric, and the Lagoon series is a perfect example.

At first glance, the Lagoon series is a collection of tables that capture the atmosphere and look of the sea. The latest addition to the series is Lagoon 55, a coffee table version of the original dining table. It features translucent blue resin that mimics the sea water and travertine marble sliced in layers to create the illusion of depth within the table. Once the marble is cut the blue resin is poured with a technique that aims to recreate the ripples of the ocean tide. Because of the way its made, no two Lagoon tables are the same.


“I refuse on making a manufactured product simply because each model is unique and I cannot produce two identical tables,” says Chapelin. “So neither will 2 people own the same table of my creation. I’ve always respected the difference between people their personalities and characters and I believe this should reflect in the interior design of their own homes. Therefore, our concept is not for 2 people to ever own the same table.”



Along with the resin and marble, the team also collects piece of wood, old engines, and other recycled materials to implement into the table. But they just can’t pick up any old piece of wood; it has to be pleasing to the eye. All these materials and specialized techniques are part of the LA Table’s goal of creating furniture that has a “soul and a story to tell.”

What’s interesting is how much Chapelin’s pieces look like The Abyss Table Collection by furniture company Duffy London. Created by Christopher Duffy, the Abyss Table Collection have the same concept and idea as the Lagoon table: bringing a piece of the ocean to your living room. The difference between the two are the materials used since Duffy’s tables use wood and acrylic glass rather than resin and marble. Whichever your preference, you can’t deny the beauty of either.

With a piece like the Lagoon table, you definitely have a story to tell. (Like how much you paid for it.) Peering into its blue depth is breathtaking and calming. Even if it’s too cold to hit the beach or if the sandy shores are too far away, you can have the sea with you in the comfort of your home.












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