Aside from great museums, pizza slices and crazy food-hybrids, NYC has always had something else going for it: it’s very 3D print-friendly. Among other things, NYC’s SoHo shopping district was the first to see a MakerBot Retail Store – a first of its kind – and nearby Brooklyn is the home to many hardware startups and 3D printing companies that have helped push the technology forward in the consumer marketplace.

Considering the amount of 3D printing that occurs in the city, it should come with little surprise that the city is hosting their first official “3D Printing Week” this week with a series of events ranging from tutorial workshop sessions to industry speakers and fashion shows to an actual “3D Printing Party” to be hosted by none other than MakerBot.

Among other events that will be kicking off tomorrow – the first ‘big day’ of events for the week – is the 3D Print Fashion Show, which takes place at 5:30pm at the Javits Convention Center.


Aside from being a great showcase of what’s possible with additive manufacturing, some of the leading 3D print designers from around the world who have created original pieces will be unveiled exclusively during the 3D Print Fashion Show.

Among others presenting, Materialise has teamed up with Melinda Looi, veteran fashion designer and a purveyor of fine art and vintage chic. Look first teamed up with the leading 3D printing company in 2013 to design “Asia’s First 3D Printed Fashion Collection.” Now, Looi and Materialise are launching a second 3D collection of items, which will debut at the 3D Print Fashion Show. The collection includes a number of pieces, including the World’s First Full Length Evening Gown to be printed as a single part, which differs from other 3D printed dresses in that it is flexible and moves with the person wearing it.


Additional designers presenting at the 3D Print Fashion Show include:

  • Aaron Trocola
  • Andy O’Mara
  • Bradley Rothenberg
  • Dilek Sezen
  • Francis Bitonti
  • Heidi Lee
  • Helena Lukasova + Denisa Nova
  • Holy Faya
  • Liz Ciokajlo
  • Melinda Looi
  • Paul Redmond
  • Rachel Nhan

“Materialise is a leading provider of software and of sophisticated 3D printing solutions in the consumer, medical and industrial markets. We are excited to be collaborating with Inside 3D Printing and the 3D Print Design Show, and sponsoring the Fashion Show. This event provides the perfect opportunity to showcase our Open Platform software and services for 3D printing,” commented Bryan Crutchfield, Managing Director, Materialise USA.


The 3D Print Fashion Show is curated and directed by Natacha Alpert, Founder, MIRAS3D and Consultant for Footwear & Apparel, 3D Printing Technologies.

For more info, head over to the Javits Center if you’re in NYC through the weekend or head over to the 3D Print Design Show website.