Back in January, just prior to SolidWorks World, you may have heard rumblings about T-Splines for SolidWorks. Well, those rumblings are actually magical jolts of surfacing joy hitting you straight in the eye. There’s a bit of a catch, but there’s a bit of a glimpse (and hope) of what is to come.

With tsElements for SolidWorks you have simple control over moving the surface. (Click to Enlarge)
With the tsElements for SolidWorks add-in you have simple control over moving the surface in SolidWorks. (Click to Enlarge)

Recently, I wrote a tsElements for SolidWorks review for Develop3D.

My conclusion:
“tsElements has excitement and,unfortunately, disappointment wrapped upin a nicely integrated surface editing add-in for SolidWorks. At the moment, while it only allows you to import surface models from subdivision surface modellers, it contains all of the raw surface pushing power you’ve likely wished for inside SolidWorks.”

Read the entire tsElements review.

I didn’t touch too much on the Rhino to SolidWorks workflow. I should have now that I think about it. If you’re a Rhino users, who also works with SolidWorks (or would like to for that matter), there’s a lot this little add-in has to offer, even with the limited capabilities of the first release. The beauty here, is that you’re able to add SolidWorks features and still maintain control over the curvature of the design with the tsElements edit features. This super-promo video from T-Splines explains it all and gives you a peek at what you can do.

YouTube video

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