CAM Mania is going down at SolidWorks World 2012 in the HSMWorks booth #313. If you recall, HSMWorks is the makers of the free CAM solution for SolidWorks, HSMXpress. They’ll be showing the CAM features integrated directly into the SolidWorks interface. And, you’ll definitely want to take the CAM Mania challenge with first prize being an HP Elitebook Mobile Workstation. NICE. Here are the details.

HSMWorks CAM Mania

To help you get up to speed, here are a quick couple of video that provide details on the challenge and a tutorial video to help you get familiar with the interface and features. Oh, you don’t have to be at SolidWorks World to try the challenge either. You can download the part and instructions on the CAM Mania website to give it a go yourself.

The concept is simple, CAM Mania starts by having users create a job setup exactly like they would if they were creating toolpaths for their own machining project. First they select their model, stock, and fixturing. Then they create a work coordinate system and save their new job setup. Next they create and simulate the toolpaths necessary to machine the part. They also create the documents and files necessary to complete the job. Last, they finish off by viewing and back plotting their CNC code in HSMXpress Edit.

Disclosure: HSMWorks and SolidSmack are media partners, which means we help each other out with a little cross-promotion every once in a while. HSMWorks is also a sponsor of SolidSmack.


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