Intense! SolidWorks World Day Two is always the craziest. Announcements, interview, lots of technical sessions and the off-site event that probably has people feeling a little shaky the next morning. We’ve got the highlights for ya and guess what… there’s one more day to go!

SolidWorks World Day Two Video Blast

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SolidWorks World Day Two General Session

SolidWorks World day 2 kickin' off. People literally sprinting into the general session!
Nao robot intro to the show... Rawk.
Fielder Hiss up on the stage wishing everyone a happy valentines day.
Recap of the CSWP party on the Midway aircraft carrier Monday night. 57 additional CSWP since Saturday. Next year's party will only be for CSWE's. Too big (800+ at party last night)
Richard Doyle givin' props to the user group leaders. Doyle: Mucho love for the ug's.
New Hampshire SWUG is user group of the year. Group leader of year, Rachael York.
SWUGN community Award goes to @charlesculp way to go Charles!
First customer story: Black Ops brothers, Geoff and Mike Howe:
Geoff Howe: first project was a log cabin. Symbolizes where they wanted to go. Bigger, badder. Geoff Howe: log cabin was built with a hand ax. Cut down all the neighbors trees to do it. Mom not happy.
Mike Howe: ripsaw and other machines. We innovate because that's what we do. (great energy between the brothers.)
Mike Howe: push the envelop, try to find no limitation, solve bigger problem (making chainsaw-like tracks.) Mike Howe: let's solve each individual problem first. not getting overwhelmed by big picture. Geoff Howe: How to do it. Howe brother took the DARPA grand challenge. Money? Saved up, solicited sponsors, refinanced house (twice).Geoff Howe: DARPA done. Didn't win. Callback 6 months later... Come down. With $350 went down with the Ripsaw. Mike Howe: No money to get back. Ended up their robot systems were shutting down Army robots.
Mike Howe: 6 axis hydraulic robot arm. Weight 300lbs. Can pick up thousands. Designed in 9 days.
Geoff Howe: RipChair, for veteran Rocky, gave him ability to do things he enjoys.
Fielder Hiss announcing Beta test award winners. Crowd claps.
Ben Kaufman, founder of Quirky on stage #SWW12 'inventing is like a reflex, we are all inventors'
Ben Kaufman: people taking everyday object, making them better @quirky 2 every week.
Ben Kaufman: Where are all the inventors? We stop because it's hard, so damn hard. changing it.
Ben Kaufman: Quirky: helped high school student design and sell a better power strip. quirky helps the inventors get patents, get into production, bring design to market. Invention now accessible. Rinse. Repeat. 2 new products every week. 300+ products.
the best feeling in the world, whether baby or product, "I MADE THAT"
Ben Kaufman: influence, ownership, revenue share, transparency... All great motivators.
Ben Kaufman: boardroom is dead. Future of product development, community + technology + expert team.
That's it! General session 2 DONE. More to come. Gas lamp off-site event tonight!

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