And it’s a shame, because from the looks of the group there may have been some pros.

The Press Day events were a little like watching hopscotch though. I was hoping for something a little more full contact as far as content, but you know us people, always wanting more.

I gotta mention first, Laura Kozikowski and Nancy Buchino, did an absolutely incredible rendition of Press-day-set-up-you’re-talking-too-much-shut-up. Very well handled.

There was a lot of things discussed. SolidWorks, and CAD for sure, is a right mighty beast of an industry to try and wrap your ever-loving arms around. The small bits and chunks are what you take away.

The Press becomes hungry in the morning. Fortunately they were appeased with scalding hot Starbucks coffee, pastries, tiny fruits, bagels, computers and round tables.


Ben Eadie was going to film Jeff Ray (SolidWorks CEO) but Laura said while smiling, I will kill you if you film this. I think she was serious, so Ben didn’t tape, maybe.


Press people like to write things down and take photos. Writing and photos make telling stories easy. Nobody fell down while trying to get the perfect photo. You can finish your lunch.


Jeff Ray talked about about the 2008 User Interface. I like a lot of the UI, but not how he put it. He talked performance increases for 2009. Super. He didn’t know the answer to a question I asked. Not Super.


Marie Planchard talked about young ones being exposed to CAD to provide opportunites and enhance learning. I think I wish I was growing up now, but not. I didn’t win a Vexplorer they gave away.


The press became hungry once again. This was a big group. no fights broke out. The salad had walnuts.


John Hirshtick gave the best address. He ran down The First 50 Years of CAD and future trends. I love the way he thinks. This is the smallest photo of him I could get.


There was more too. Some R&D talk that really makes it seem like SolidWorks is looking and aware of many aspects and a lot of possibilities. The most interesting to me that was mentioned is Web development and Software as a Service (SaaS).


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