Tulsa to Denver to San Diego is a long flight, especially when chunks of the airplane go missing before takeoff and they’re loading and unloading.

I arrive, taxi down to the Marriott, and walk four blocks to the Hard Rock Cafe. All the SolidWorks bloggers are there along with a bunch of the SolidWorks Crew.

Appetizers abounded and it was incredible to meet a lot of these people I’ve only known online or heard over a phone.

Some Highlights:

  • SolidWorks 2009 sounds interesting. Nonspecifics of course. Some guys Alpha tested it today.
  • John Hirshtick (SolidWorks founder) and Greg Jankowski (Solidworks For Dummies) showed up.
  • AutoDesk is even here. Lynn Allen is supposedly registered and present.
  • Lenny got to bring his wife.
  • Anna, Mike and Devon all drove here.
  • Matt’s been watching movies about music artists.
  • Devon grew up in SoCal and saw the doors, dick dale, Jimi Hendrix and more.
  • The tater skins were alright, Jason had a whole plate.
  • Rob had a steak.
  • Richard looked happy.
  • The music was loud, so everyone was yelling.

Here’s som pics, but I’d go to Mike’s Blog. He has a D70 so he’s gonna have better ones.








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