Or if you prefer, go to this gas station and drink the coffee to dance with an atypical gas station clerk and entertain grizzly truck drivers.

SolidWorks is after it to juice up your Standard edition of SolidWorks with a Premium upgrade, brought to you in this coffee-flavored, commercial form. It doesn’t make you wonder what the outside of a jerky stick taste like at all. Snap into this video for some good ol’ gas station humor. The reaction of the old guy and his friend are the best.

Update: You may want to head to the link shown at the end http://solidworks.com/upgrade/. More videos and more content. good stuff.

SolidWorks Premium Commercial

Critique: I would have totally done the ending different… maybe drop the girl, scare the old man, stunned look on the friends face… then flash a bunch of features available in SolidWorks premium, with a air-cutting razor sound and electronic voice over that says SolidWorks as the logo slams against the montage. Now that’s riveting TV. 🙂


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