A lot of you were probably awed by the incredibly weak video I grabbed of the SolidWorks World General Session Intro Animation. Fortunately, someone from SolidWorks saw it, became sick to their stomach and posted the actual animation.

I immediately downloaded it, ripped it to Vimeo, and have posted it below.

Why’s it Rockin’?
It still doesn’t quite do it justice, but you get a lot better idea and can actually hear the audio, instead of the press gabbing. The animation and 180 bpm breakbeat is worth the listen. If anyone can tell me the artist, I may have to reach in the prize closet and send you a couple SolidSmack stickers. (I need to get rid of them cause they’re crap.) My guess is Dieselboy.

In addition…
You can download the video here, put it on a CD and give it to grandma’s quilt group along with some rum-soaked raisins for the ‘thritis. Bumpin.

Link to Inspired to Design VEXplorer Video

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