The headline was suppose to read Top Rockin’ Enhancement Request, but some weird lights flashed and suddenly I was cookin’ ramen noodles with Theo Jansen and Richard Doyle.

So, the attendees of SolidWorks World submit enhancements, SolidWorks compiles them, they announce them at the final session, I took a really blurry photo of them and decide it’s better just to write them out for you. So without further ado, here they are…

  1. Provide support for Dual Monitors
  2. Recreate all mates when mirroring components
  3. Undo should have a corresponding redo command
  4. Clearance check in assemblies similar to interference detection
  5. Ability to lock a configuration
  6. Mirror assembly features
  7. Ability to create a point at the center of mass
  8. Create more than one exploded view per assembly configuration
  9. Fixed length spline
  10. Allow adding ordinates in detail views based off the zero in the parent view

Which will be implemented?

83% of these will be implemented into future releases. Dual monitor support would be nice, but with all the peripheral technology coming out, at this point I’d rather see them working on support for touch screen monitor. I’m not just thinking Microsoft Surface or Mac stuff. Tablet computers are getting more common. GeTac has a nice one and Dell has the Latitude XT Tablet PC. But these are user request, so, soon enough huh?

Anyway, some of these are great. Personally I like, recreate all mates, more than one exploded view, and fixed length spline. Theo, I think you overcooked the noodles man.



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