solidworks 2009 download and releaseIn a sudden rush of jet-setting and drink-getting out here at the SolidWorks 2000000000009 press conference, all of us have become aware that SolidWorks development has release the smokin’ hot new version of SolidWorks.

Available for download at a customer portal near you. Are you going for it? Personally, I’d recommend it. Not because I like using SolidWorks, but because this version has been the most stable, complete version of SolidWorks software I believe I’ve ever used.

If you’re looking into purchasing SolidWorks, check out the SolidWorks product matrix here. If you already have SolidWorks installed and are ready to install just head to the SolidWorks Downloads.

The SolidWorks 2009 launch site also give you some more info. If there’s anything you’re wondering about before you upgrade ask it up in the comments. Yes, that ’09’ is obnoxiously large and yellow.


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