You’ll want to read Wiring Up an Event if you’re interested in the least, what is starting to come about in the the CAD world as it relates to the Web and the realm of social media.

You’ve seen my post about Why I like Twitter and while Blogs and RSS are still a mystery to some, more attention has been given to sites like Twitter and FriendFeed because the amount of immediate information available and the relationships that develop.

Doesn’t it just dilute the web?
If you already feel like there’s too much to manage online with your online accounts, forums and feeds, you’re not alone. A lot of people say that new sites like these that pull in you and all your friends information create too much to manage. To me, you know

Too much stuff
You may think, “I can’t afford to spend the time to investigate and be part of every social network out there.” It’s hard, I know, trying to figure out where everyone is it. Seems like a mad rush to here… then to here… then to THERE. when will the frenzy END!

It’s actually not like that, in my opinion. Sure, there’s people carrying on conversations around you, but you’re having your own. You can choose and you get to know the people you closely relate to.

The company
For companies or anyone wanting a presence on the web to promote their service, it’s critical to be involved in the media that provides a presence. You can spend money all day on expensive advertisements, but nothing gets across to the consumer like an actual conversations.

The best example I see daily is Tony, the CEO of Zappos Shoes, interacting with poeple via his Twitter profile. Why does it matter so much to him?

Branding is just a word. It takes away from the real goal which is relationships and those are important whether you’re a multi-million dollar business or the cubicle engineer… especially if your the cubicle engineer. Get out there!

Traditional Once Again
So once there was traditional media. Now the current social media is becoming traditional, in the same sense, as new site emerge that promote more involvement of the users and interaction from the ivory tower inaccessibles. The CAD industry has been slow to pick this up… but I feel it gaining steam.


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