There’s a new 3D modeling playa in town and you don’t have to dink around with any messy features or geometry to create. It does, however, have to already exist. You’ll also need the ability to “maintain perpendicular & spatial distance between photos within a sequence” to take a few snapshots.

After that, it’s a simple upload. And as long as the 10-15 images overlap 80-90%, you’ll be all set to have a nice 3-dimensional bump-map automatically generated. Here’s a bit more.

The technology behind the 3Dsee website is an 8 year stint into the research of 3D imaging by Dr. David McKinnon from the Queensland University of Technology.

Instead of 3D animators working from a set of photos to model an object or using a cumbersome laser scanner, this software can create 3D models directly from a series of photos, which is a great time and money saver.”PhysOrg

To render it, you’ll need a program like MeshLab (Free) to import the .ply format file. From there, you can save it out with a format (OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, etc.) accepted by most rendering programs. Try it out. Get your bump-map on.

Via Slashdot


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