Just look at all the shiny mac-induced fun that happens when a highly branded product company *cough*Apple*cough* wants to develop it’s products, with it’s own product…. or so some would think.

Well, for some of you, it’s time to put that Apple sticker back on your rear windshield. Siemens PLM software has announced the commercial availability for ‘native-support’ of NX6 on the Mac. This makes Siemens PLM the first CAD/PLM company, with Windows PC, Linux and full-on Mac version of their software. Did we ever think it wouldn’t happen?

The NX6 for Mac release has all the 3D modeling features of the Windows and Linux versions, including that good ol’ Synchronous Technology for all your history-based/history-free modeling enjoyment. Here’s some quick facts on the release, one that may surprise you and some video to prove it’s actually real.

  • It is a 64-bit Mac OS X application
  • It runs on Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later
  • It requires an Intel-based Mac
  • It uses Motif Linux GUI emulation
  • No current plans for a Mac-style GUI

Behind the scenes
John Baker, product evangelist for Siemens PLM admitted the reason for emulation via an Eng-Tips forum post.

Until it can be demonstrated that there is sufficient market opportunity which would justify the expense involved in anything other than a ‘Linux’ type of GUI for the Mac, this will have to do. It’s not so much a technical issue as it is a business decision….since Windows-based NX makes up better than 90% of our worldwide installed base”

Kinda makes sense, as this is why the other 3D MCAD companies haven’t gone this direction. Still, 10% is a significant amount, especially if the 10% are the dedicated Mac user kind. It’s always worth it for the users. The companies need to either take the plunge, support usage via bootcamp, or risk losing a small, but mighty, base of loyal Mac users.

Update! Take a look at Al Dean’s interview with the Paul Brown from Siemens in Siemens NX6 on OS X is a-go-go to find out more on the functionality and development.

Via Siemens PLM


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