Nothing screams I AM AWESOME like having the faces of the people you have vanquished surrounding you. But what if you could turn those faces into 3D printed vases (or coffee mugs), put some flowers (or coffee) in them and bask in the glory of your victories? Now you can. Sculpteo has released the Sculpteo 3D printing app making it possible for you to take photos or yourself, your friends, children or enemies and create kitschy collections of your own or view and order 3d prints of design from others. A 3D printing app… You may have thought the day would never come. Well, it’s here. More details after the jump.

Sculpteo 3D printing app

The app is a great idea from Sculpteo. Not only do you get to wallow in narcissistic bliss of creating 3D prints of yourself for others, you can also view the variety of work from other artists and will soon, even have the ability to print a coffee mug of your activity on Twitter. There’s more as well, collections and product (like the iPhone case below) you can customize to your liking.

Using the 3D printing app

Creating a vase with the app worked 2 out of 3 times I tried it. You’ve got to take a picture directly at your profile for it to map the edge of your face properly. Here’s one example I created of my son. Sadly, I don’t think a 7 inch tall vase of my boy’s revolved exterior is worth $299, or should I say, he’d rather have a shovel and $299 worth of dirt dumped in the backyard. It’s fun to play with for sure and as apps/services like this become more common, I’m sure we’ll see the price go down.


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