Hold onto your SpaceMouse!

Announced this week, Facebook will now support the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format for Facebook 3D posts.

Also known as the “JPEG of 3D”, the glTF 2.0 file format offers rich, high-quality 3D content with support for textures, lighting, and other commonly-used rendering techniques to create realistic 3D models.


This isn’t the only update the company rolled out. New Graph API endpoints with 3D Post support and Graph tag lets developers build 3D sharing into their apps and allow their posts to render in 3D on Facebook automatically. Additionaly, 3D artists can simply drag and drop their 3D files directly into Facebook to create a 3D post. Oh yeah!


Facebook pages like Jurassic World and LEGO have already jumped onboard with sculptures of a velociraptor and a parrot respectively, while companies like Wayfair can use the medium to allow potential customers to preview their products before buying them. While the posts can be viewed traditionally on any internet browser, they can also be carried into Facebook Spaces and displayed in VR.


The applications don’t seem to stop there. Facebook eventually plans to interconnect 3D, VR, and AR into their News Feed. Supporting higher quality 3D models and enabling more interactive animations is just a small step in what is sure to be a revolution for Facebook.


Find out more over at Facebook for Developers.

Feature image via Time.


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