The Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer can’t do everything — but boy can it sure do a lot. Whether you spring for the full-sized Model B+ to create a custom 3D printed smart home camera, or the compact Zero to create a frickin’ homebrew pocketable smartphone, there’s no denying that the affordable boards are one of the best ways to kill a lazy Saturday in the workshop.

Following suit with other brands including Nike, Microsoft, and Apple skewing towards “experiential retail”, the Raspberry Pi foundation launched their first retail store in Cambridge, UK Thursday with an emphasis on allowing visitors to experience that #RaspberryPiLife.

With stations arranged throughout with project breakdowns, the store almost doubles as a Raspberry Pi museum for showing off everything the miniature computer is capable of in the hands of ‘Digital Makers’:

YouTube video

Released in February of 2012 and previously only available through limited online retailers, nearly every generation and model of Raspberry Pi board has found critical success and fanfare both due to its relatively cheap price point (usually around $35 USD) and its remarkable ability to adapt to the needs of multiple user types and industries. Among others, these have included education and STEM training, home automation, industrial automation, and even some commercial products from small manufacturers.

For those ‘Digital Makers’ in the UK, the Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge might be worth checking out. Find it at Grand Arcade — just a pebble’s throw down the cobblestone street from the University of Cambridge.


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