It’s no secret that Quirky has had a significant impact on disrupting the way that things get made. Similar to Local Motors, their crowdsourced design business structure allows ideas to be tested within their community before being refined and sent into production – with royalties coming back to the original inventor.

While many experienced designers and engineers might prefer to set out on the product design and development path on their own in order to keep control of their ownership, the platform has been hugely-successful for those without the necessary skills – or resources – to move a concept along a path towards successful production, marketing and distribution.

Now, the NYC-based company has teamed up with iconic toymaker Mattel to bring that same structure down a few generations into a kid-friendly experience that allows young designers and inventors the opportunity to possibly see their own toy inventions and ideas come to life through pre-cleared product development paths.

“This marks a new era for Mattel,” said Richard Dickson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mattel.

“Leveraging Quirky’s platform allows us to discover new ideas for our toys and unique solutions for our baby products. Just as importantly, this new partnership will enable us to accelerate the speed and scope of invention by tapping into Quirky’s dynamic community. This is an industry about creating and inventing, whether based on a consumer insight or a really fun idea, with the power of our own talented inventors and now Quirky, we are realizing our vision to reimagine Mattel’s core brands and bring truly great unexpected play to families.”

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The toymaker, who is responsible for brands including Barbie and Hot Wheels, is no stranger to staying on top of technological trends and is likely going to work with existing Internet of Things technologies that have already been established by Quirky for their range of smart home products, among others. Additionally, the toymaker has previously introduced products into their family of brands that focus on a ‘maker’ element including car design sketching and car making kits – many of which have proven to be very successful. Ultimately, allowing the opportunity for kids to create their own designs that go into production seems like the next natural evolutionary step.

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“Few companies inspire creative imagination like Mattel,” said Ben Kaufman, CEO and Founder of Quirky. “Partnering with Mattel gives our community the opportunity to tap into their own childhood memories to dream up entirely new ways to play.”

Find out more about the platform and how kids can start submitting their toy designs by heading over to Quirky.