So, PTC has launched Creo elements with full-blown Creo 1.0 to come out Summer 2011. It’s replacing Pro/E and the smorgasboard of other programs you’ve mastered over the years, so obviously there are bound to be a few questions.

Now, I typically don’t put spoons anywhere near my ears… or open fans. That’s just dangerous. But if you insist on learning more about PTC’s massaging, messaging, recipe for busting up CAD paradig-em’s, spoon it in slow my friend, spoon. it. slow.

Mike on the Mic

To lather your ear canal, PTC put Mike Campbell (@CampbellTweets on Twitter), Divisional VP for Creo Product Development, on the mic to break it down in a series of video. We’ve linked them below, but for those who lapse into a coma at anything longer than 39 seconds, we’ve given you the basic answer given for each question. What I’m wondering is… do you even care? There haven’t been many views on the videos, but then again, Creo isn’t out for another 6 months. Here’s the breakdown. Answer everything for ya?

Will Creo common data format be open?
Yes. some ‘chapters’ open, others like feature definition chapter will be proprietary.

Will there be a Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 6.0 release?
No. If you’re a Pro user actrive on maintenance, you’ll get the Creo equivalent of what you have.

Will there be Creo apps for manufacturing engineers?
Yes. NC, tooling, progressive die, mold design are under research.

Can Creo apps really make CAD tools easier to use?
PTC believes users are over/under-served by their CAD products. Creo will deliver a new level of ease-of-use.

Will Creo apps deliver better performance and quality compared to today’s CAD systems?
Creo’s ‘purpose-built’ apps will better overall CAD application.

Is Creo just for large enterprise companies?
No. Creo provides dedicated applications for users of small and medium business.

Will my Creo Elements data be fully usable in Creo?
Yes, Seamless transition of Creo elements data to Creo… guaranteed.

How will the Creo apps evolve over time? And how do you protect my investment?
Mechanica and other modules will be pulled out, UI optimized and delivered as apps.

What are the key technology breakthroughs in Creo?
AnyRole Apps, AnyMode modeling, AnyData Adoption, AnyBOM Assemblies.
Explanations here.

I’ve gotta question for ya. It’s been beat into the ground, but do you think PTC is sending out enough pens, coffee cups and notepads with Creo branding on them? SPEAK YOUR MIND!


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