While in-house 3D printing is commonly used for early concept work, many professionals and businesses still outsource their parts to industrial services when more complicated materials are required.

Among others, Protolabs has been a leader of custom 3D printing services over the past decade—with more than 100,000 parts printed every month across six different additive manufacturing technologies.

And now, they’re adding Carbon technology to that list for engineers to get parts created through Carbon Digital Light Synthesis without the headache of ownership.

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“We recognize that market demand for additive manufacturing has moved beyond prototyping and is being leveraged to create fully functional parts at a much larger scale,” said Greg Thompson, Protolabs’ global product manager for 3D printing. “We are committed to supporting that demand in a technology-agnostic manner so that our customers get the best possible parts from the best possible 3D printing technology.”

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Carbon DLS technology uses light to set the 3D shape of printed parts before the parts undergo a thermal-curing process that brings them to their final material properties. Engineers use it for intricate designs that are challenging to mold and end-use applications. It is comparable to stereolithography; however, Carbon DLS images entire layers at a time—thus speeding up the build time.

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