Premiering next week at SXSW in Austin, Print the Legend is set to be the first non-YouTube documentary that focuses on the rise of the 3D Printing community and the stories we’ve come to read almost weekly that go with it. Featuring in-depth footage of 3D printing newsmakers ranging from Bre Pettis to Cody Wilson and Avi Reichental, the film looks to be similar to Objectified, albeit with a focus on ‘The Next Industrial Revolution’. If you’re heading down to Austin next week for the SXSW conference, there will be three screenings starting Sunday 03/09 at the Stateside Theater. Take a sneak-peek at the trailer after the jump…

‘The 3D printing revolution has begun. Who will make it? ‘

YouTube video

Directed by Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel–the same fellas who brought us The King of Kong and Make Believe–the full-length documentary focuses less on the technology itself but rather “the race to bring the technology into our homes“:

When we began to film Print the Legend, all we knew was that we were entering the “Macintosh Moment” of an exciting technology, the time when 3D Printing was shifting from an industrial process to one you could do at home. We knew this held untold promise for future innovation. We knew we were making a time capsule of a historical moment.

What we did not know was that the astoundingly hard working entrepreneurs who were chasing their dreams in this Wild West marketplace were going to teach us lessons about a story we’ve all been told a thousand times: the myth of the American Dream. We did not know we’d learn that what we ask of our business heroes is like what we ask of our politicians or professional athletes: tremendous self-sacrifice that selects out for all but the most obsessive, the most competitive, the most willing to achieve at all cost.

The people in Print the Legend are benefitting and challenging us all, because they are achieving things that will shape our future in powerful ways. Some of them have lived and will live the American Dream. But at what cost? What do we ask of them? What do they ask of themselves?

3D Printing will one day give us the power to make almost anything, but to handle that power responsibly, we must start by asking how we want to make ourselves. Print the Legend seeks to ask those questions through compelling human stories unfolding in the birth of a disruptive technology.

-Luis Lopez & Clay Tweel, Directors and Steven Klein, Producer


No word yet on when Print the Legend will be available on Netflix or elsewhere but we’ll keep you posted!

(Images via Print the Legend)


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