Billed as a platform for bike craft, design and innovation, the Oregon Manifest is one of the most exciting annual events in the realm of bicycle design.

The event pairs together talented design studios and small bicycle crafters to create their combined vision of what the Urban Bicycle of the Future will look like…and then lets the public vote on which prototype is not only the prettiest but also executes the criteria outlined in the brief in the most clever way.

This year the focus was on creating a sort of ‘all-in-one’ solution that brings traditionally separate urban bicycling accessories into the body of the bike itself including an anti-theft system, lights, and a fender system among others.

Here we’ve rounded up all five of the contenders including the talented and small crew over at Portland’s Industry to Scott Wilson’s MNML in Chicago:

The BLACKLINE by MNML + Method

Inspired by the City of Broad Shoulders, the BLACKLINE bicycle has a strong spirit and is ready for just about anything. It takes its name from Chicago’s iconic elevated train lines that run throughout the city, non-stop. While the ‘L’ will get you from station to station, the BLACKLINE is the ride that gives you the freedom to get everywhere in between.

MERGE by Pensa + Horse Cycles

Merge is inspired by the variety of cycling needs in New York City, and New York is a tough proving ground for an urban bike. There is some good cycling infrastructure, but also streets that are packed with cars and pedestrians. Merge is a compact and nimble ride, offering its rider confidence when navigating tight spaces. At the same time there is necessary utility. Merge’s rear rack snaps open at a moment’s notice, but can also retract when not in use. Merge’s thoughtfully designed features include cargo, lighting, security, and a USB charging port. They are seamlessly integrated and right where you need them, yet unobtrusive when not in use. Merge offers an elegant and integrated solution to the needs of a variety of urban cyclists.


SOLID is inspired by the diverse beauty and soul of Portland, OR. From the urban energy of East Burnside to the raw landscape of Forest Park, the SOLID bike captures the essence of the city and the best of both worlds – hand-built craft meets modern manufacturing. Leveraging Ti Cycles’ 25 years of working with titanium, the INDUSTRY team utilized their signature #SuperCommuter platform. It inspires people to explore the city with a responsive, seamless, solid ride. This is the bike redefined.

EVO by HUGE Design + 4130 Cycle Works

The EVO Urban Utility bike is a hybrid bicycle that leverages a modular accessory platform for ultimate flexibility. EVO blends the utility of a city bike with the robustness and geometry of a mountain bike to satisfy the city’s diverse lifestyle and terrain. It presents a one bike solution that can take on many different environments and activities.

Denny by TEAGUE + Sizemore Bicycle

The Denny bike is about returning the rider (and ourselves) to those early days of carefree riding, when cycling was just about ‘get up and go’ freedom—the reason we all fell in love with bikes in the first place.

What do you think is the best of the bunch? Cast your vote over at the Oregon Manifest voting page.


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