Every once in a while, something so cool comes along that it makes you stop whittling that sopping wet piece of MDF and stab the jack knife right in your leg meat. This is one of those things. Today, FurnLab has launched their Open Source CNC project on Kickstarter. Headed up by Jeffrey Matthias, they’re shining some light on custom manufacturing possibilities. He and the Furnlab team has been working long and hard to get this project launched, and they’ve got the experience to show. This is V3 of their DIY CNC System and the best part of all… it’s a modular system capable of full-size CNC cutting. Good enough for weekend prjoects or to take your own business to the next level. Check the details…

Make production local again

If you’re like me and want to skip straight to funding this project, here’s the Kickstarter link you want.

Furnlab has an unique take on local manufacturing. Their business includes both making beautiful custom-made furniture and providing the plans for you to make a wood cutting machine of your own.

“…we needed a dependable full-size CNC machine setup—so that FurnLab could successfully design, produce and sell super awesome furniture. But the cost of a CNC machine with a tool changer and vacuum hold-down system rang in at more than $48,000!”

This led them to create their own CNC machine capable of meeting the precision they required. They’re going after funding using Kickstarter to finish the details of their CNC machine, complete the plans and get them published so others can build their own CNC Machine as well. This is where it comes down to you. Throw in your support and help FurnLab meet their $20,000 goal. It’s day one and they’re already at $700.

Oh! and if you haven’t heard it today, Jeffrey is on the Engineer vs Designer podacast with a cool story, some great insight into local manufacturing and how to get your own Kickstarter project launched.

Disclosure: Jeffrey Matthias is a writer for SolidSmack.com. He totally knew I was going to write this whether he wrote 5 more posts for the week or not.


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