Multi-touch will never happen with 3D CAD… OH, except it has… or will be, this fall. The company showing the potential? SpaceClaim.

There’s no announcement out of the company yet, but a video surfaced on YouTube over the weekend showing the future of what we’re assuming will be the next release of SpaceClaim. We’ll gather more info as quickly as possible. Until then, feast your eyes on the deliberate movements and multi-touch goodness of 3D-modeling in SpaceClaim.

This from the YouTube info:

A preview demonstration of modeling in 3D using a SpaceClaim’s prototype multi-touch user interface that will be added to SpaceClaim this fall. Also includes clips of ANSYS Workbench, Blue Ridge Numerics CFdesign, and Bunkspeed Hypershot, showing some finger dancing that you can do without multi-touch.

It’s not just rotating and panning any longer.The video is only a few minutes long, but you’ll see how Multi-touch is being applied across different functions within the user interface, even when creating 3D geometry.

SpaceClaim MultiTouch on Youtube

What’s even more appropriate is the SpaceClaim demo using a full-body model of Ironman. Which, if you remember the movie (and you should), has a very slick, very futuristic idea of what 3-dimensional multi-touch could be like.

Update! – Getting some more details from SpaceClaim, if you want to see the video in blazing 720 HD, you can view it (or right-click, download) here.


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