Few industrial designers have branded themselves with flamboyant tastes and pink outfits, yet Karim Rashid has created a solid name for himself as a multi-disciplinary designer who has worked with everybody from Alessi to Coca Cola and Dupont to Dirt Devil. With his creative direction guiding everything from product design to branding and even fine art, perhaps it comes with little surprise that his latest project doesn’t come in the form of visual design at all, but rather in the form of an Electro-Pop album where he shares his philosophies on design and the world at large.

Karim’s Philosophies in Musical Form


While Change the World EP is Karim’s first actual album, he has spent quite a few years sharpening his ears over the old ones and twos at various parties and clubs—he even has a contact form on his website in case you want to book him for your son’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah.

The Electro-Pop sound direction comes with little surprise considering that Karim has spent a fair amount of time on the club scene, however the album digs deeper than that: it is also a manifestation of the designer’s well-documented philosophies on the human landscape and the objects that reside within it:

YouTube video

Depending on your taste in music the album may or may not warrant a repeat, but the fact that an industrial designer is venturing off into uncharted territories to speak on his philosophies about design? That’s something to appreciate.

Below is the album in-full via Spotify. If you feel so inclined you can purchase it over at iTunes.

(Images via Karim Rashid)


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